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Dog Training Classes in Gresham, OR

Puppy Preschool

Staffordshire Bull TerrierA six week course designed to inform you on the fundamentals of owning and caring for your puppy, age 3 to 6 months old. This course covers problem solving with housebreaking, chewing, biting, jumping up, digging, and barking. Also learn about nutrition, exercise, grooming, discipline, health care, and safe toys. Floor exercises include walking on lead, heeling, sit and sit-stay, come, down and down - stay. This class is an opportunity to get a head start with your puppy's obedience training and to prevent any bad habits before they start.

Equipment needed for Puppy Preschool: Light weight training collar, 6ft leather or nylon lead and clean up supplies.


Obedience I

German ShepherdA six week course designed for dogs six months and older. This class covers basic obedience exercises and is intended for puppy preschool graduates and dogs who have had little or no formal training. This class addresses proper training techniques and corrective procedures for unwanted behavior. Floor exercises include walking on lead, heeling, left and right turns, sit and sit-stay, come, down and down stay, wait, stand, and stand-stay.

Equipment needed for Obedience I: Light weight training collar, 6ft leather or nylon lead and clean up supplies.


Obedience II

Black LabA six week course for Obedience I graduates or dogs who can successfully demonstrate basic obedience skills. This class focuses on perfecting all basic obedience exercises. Obedience II offers off-lead, distance, and distraction training to prepare you and your dog for obedience III.

Equipment needed for Obedience II: All previous equipment with the addition of a 26ft Flexi lead and a wooden dumbbell.


Obedience III

An intensiChocolate Labve six week course all "off-lead" that includes jumping, retrieving, and "out of sight" work. Learn how to incorporate hand signals and eliminate voice commands. This class demands extra time, effort, and teamwork.

Equipment needed for Obedience III: All previous equipment with the addition of a traffic lead.


Obedience IV

RottweilerA four week course all "off-lead" that is held outdoors. This class offers the ultimate in distance and distraction training.

Equipment needed for Obedience IV: All previous equipment may be needed.


Canine Fun & Agility

Competition AgilityA five week class to help build your dog's confidence and coordination. This class is a  "release" from strict obedience training & is intended for fun!  Dogs must have Valley View Canine LLC's obedience II level of training to be eligible.

Equipment needed for Canine Fun and Agility: All previous equipment may be needed.



Valley View Canine is proud to offer a four week course to familiarize, prepare, and test you and your canine partner for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. The first three weeks of the course are considered the workshop portion of the course. Here, we will explain and practice the skills for each portion of the Canine Good Citizen Test. The fourth and final week of the course will be the test. This is an excellent credential for your dog to obtain. Many Homeowner's Insurance policies require this; also rental, vacation properties and RV parks will require you to have this certification for your dog to be on premise.

Rally Obedience

This course practices skills included in AKC's Rally Obedience competition. This class is for fun and will include Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent exercises for you and your canine partner to learn and practice. Your dog must complete Obedience II level of training with Valley View Canine to enter this level of class.

Open Agility Practice

Open Agility is held one Saturday per month at Valley View Canine from 10-Noon. You and your dog are encouraged to practice the Agility course that you have learned in your Agility class here at Valley View Canine. You must have completed at least one Agility class with us to be eligible. Open Agility is then available to you indefinately whether you are currently in a class or not. You may stay and practice for any portion or all of the two hour period and the cost is $22.

Class Drop-Ins

Class drop-ins are available to anyone who has been in a training class with their dog here at Valley View Canine. You must contact us for availability and must have completed at least one full course of the class you intend to drop in on. The cost is $27.

Phone Consults

Advice and guidance by phone for those who need our help and are not intending on taking any classes or lessons at Valley View Canine. Price is $10 for each 15 minute increment of time.

Private Lessons

WestieThirty minute individual sessions to enhance your current training or focus on a specific problem or behavior.


In Home Dog Training Lessons

Boston TerrierThese lessons are designed specifically for clients with special needs: Seniors, people with physical limitations or disabilities, or someone that needs additional or specific assistance.

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