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In Memory Of Nikko


"Nikko" Co-Founder of
Valley View Canine LLC




Nikko"Prince Nikkolai" ("Nikko"), what can I say, he was my pride and joy. He co-founded Valley View Canine LLC with me almost twelve years ago. "Nikko" taught in the classroom with me from the time he was six months old, until I retired him at 10 1/2. He had a natural ability with both dogs and people. He made the students laugh, he impressed them, he captured many of their hearts-dogs and people alike. Many referred to him as "regal", he demanded respect. He was an excellent canine instructor, working with many dogs; aggressive, submissive, shy, timid, or just plain out of control. He had a natural way about him, just seemed to know how to navigate each individual situation. "Nikko" had a rough start in life, five hip surgeries between the time he was seven and twelve months old, but he came through everything like a champ. Even after he had all those surgeries; and one hip was left higher than the other, he still led his life teaching classes, performing in agility & obedience, being a therapy dog, maintaining a 'family dog' life, playing frisbee, you name it. We had many great times with the business and an incredible relationship at home. I had to say goodbye to "Nikko" in January 2004. You see, "Nikko" had a condition; Canine Degenerative Myleopathy. This is where the spinal cord starts deteriorating from the rear of the dog and progresses forward. He spent his last two years with me carrying his back end with a 'belly band' for support or in his custom-made Dog Wheelchair. This did not douse his spirits whatsoever. He still had his energy, his will, his drive. He was always eager at meal time and still caught his toys in play. He remained a very happy dog until the last few weeks, they were tough for both of us. I was quite blessed to have "Nikko" in my life. What an exceptional dog! I learned so much with him and from him, I believe others did too. I miss him all the time, but am so grateful to have had the years, memories, fun, and love I had with him. Without "Nikko", there would have been no Valley View Canine LLC. I cherish the twelve years that he was in my life. I am very proud to say he was my dog.



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Maggie came into our lives in May of 2002, at the age of 6 weeks. We soon learned the energetic, active, passionate nature of the Jack Russell breed. In September of 2002 we joined Valley View Canine LLC to learn more about the breed and instill a positive way to harness the energy of the breed. Maggie started Puppy Preschool working her way through obedience I, II, III, and finishing in the top of her classes. She also went on to taking Agility and Rally obedience classes. Maggie enjoyed competing in many obedience and rally trials; as well as agility shows. She won many 1st place and best of show trophies, gaining champion status very quickly. At the same time she was competing in sled sprint events running/pulling her own body weight on a sled down a 60-foot track for time.

Maggie enjoyed the beach, chasing the sea gulls, tennis balls or just running free and taking long walks. Maggie enjoyed camping, sitting by the campfire, or just watching the wildlife. Maggie was a diligent worker in her training and at the same time a very loyal, passionate, and loving companion.

Maggie enjoyed teaching agility and obedience classes at Valley View demonstrating the example that with hard work and dedication you can achieve the highest standards in life.

One of the many things that I miss the most about Maggie is that she was always waiting for me at the door when I got home. She always knew when the garage door came open that I was home and she would let her excitement be known. So I could hear her before I would enter the house. I always made sure she was the first one that I greeted. Maggie was a member of many clubs, including Mixed Breed Dog Club of America, AAPBA, American Kennel Club, and most proudly Valley View Canine LLC for which she walked many times in the Gresham Teddy Bear Parade representing her dog training school.

Maggie will always have a huge spot in our hearts, as she was one of the most loving dogs we have had the pleasure of being in our lives. We take comfort in knowing that Maggie positively touched so many lives, human and four legged friends alike in her short, but happy life.

We would like to thank all of the staff members of Valley View Canine LLC who were a very important part of Maggie’s training during her tenure at Valley View Canine LLC.

Thank you all,
Mike and Patty Bridge

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