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"From small ones to big ones, Valley View Canine LLC works with them all (and the dog's people too!). No question is too stupid to ask. I myself am working with two dogs, one Boston Terrier and one mixed breed rescue. What I have learned from Valley View Canine LLC's instructors is how to be the leader of the pack with my dogs. By using praise and gaining the dog's respect, they look up to me. Some schools use treats, clickers etc; my Boston is too aggressive at times about food and treats, so those methods would not work well for him. In the world of dogs they work to please the leader. The instructors have varied backgrounds, they all have their own dogs and show them in everything from conformation to obedience trials, they also do therapy work, rescue, blood donor program, and many charity functions benefiting shelters and rescue groups. They have various levels of training at this time and are working on developing more, as need comes."

--Deborah Vedder

"....both of us have been dog owners all our lives and when we decided it was time to adopt a dog we went to the Multnomah Animal Shelter to find our new pooch. Lucky for us we came to know Valley View Canine LLC at the same time. We got Atlin at 1 year and 2 months. What a handful! Without the overwhelming training, advice, and support from Valley View I think we would have been outmatched. The strides that Atlin has made over the last year made it easy for us to go back to M.A.S. and get another. Now, Chevsky is under the wonderful tutelage of the trainers at Valley View! We plan on stopping at two dogs, but if Chevsky turns out like Atlin, well, Valley View may be too good!"

--Kendra Hynes

"When I first began obedience training at VVC I thought the the "training" was for my dog, but I soon realized that the training was for both of us. I became more comfortable, confident, and consistent with my role as a companion for my canine. So, when a new puppy was abandoned by my home, I knew where to go and what to do. I felt like "I can do this again!" We can do this. With the help of VVC we are a happy well-trained 2 dog family!"

---Miriam Berman
(2yrs) India
(7 Mos) Hershey

"In the four years my shepherd-mix Ricky has attended Valley View Canine LLC, I've learned valuable skills to help me control my large dog. Had I not enrolled him in the program, I would've given up on him! He's very curious and mischievous, so therefore, I needed to learn how to handle his personality. I am deeply grateful to the knowledgeable, patient instructors at Valley View Canine LLC. They have helped give me the confidence and support I needed to handle my dog. This training has made me a more responsible dog owner. Ricky's behavior has improved dramatically! I now truly enjoy my dog!"

Patti Delay

"When we adopted our wonderful shelter rescue dog, Piglet, he brought with him some very challenging behaviors. I never had difficulty training a dog before, but could not seem to find the key to working with him. What a blessing for both of us to find Lynette and the staff at Valley View Canine LLC! As a person with a disability who has limited mobility--I use a scooter part of the time and a cane the rest. I talked with lots of dog trainers in search of the right match...someone who could help me learn to work with Piglet effectively and who could accommodate my disability. Lynette and Stephanie and the rest of the staff at Valley View Canine LLC have been great to work with in group classes and individual sessions. They are sensitive and respectful in finding ways to work with us and allow us to participate fully, even in a canine fun and agility course! Piglet has made tremendous improvement in his behavior and socialization. He now happily heels or walks along beside my scooter, so our walks are safe and enjoyable for both of us. Piglet and I wholeheartedly recommend Valley View Canine LLC."

Nancy Hesselman and Piglet

"I started with Valley View Canine LLC in 1997. All of the staff are extremely friendly and fun which makes the experience with VVC a wonderful one. We have experienced excellent behavioral modifications of my sometimes-aggressive older Lab as well as taking my Belgian Tervuren from puppy preschool into Competitive Obedience Trials. They were also very instrumental in helping me deal with a VERY high-energy rescue Lab whom now is starting Competitive Obedience as well. Overall Valley View Canine LLC has been a fantastic place to train Obedience for myself and my dogs."

--Christi Johnson

"My husband and I have owned several dogs during our long marriage including two English Springer Spaniels, a breed we love for their playful antics. We had never experienced problems in training and wherever we went people commented on how well behaved our animals were, even when I walked three at a time. Then came Jontoo, our wild man. His breed was English Springer Spaniel; his personality was a cross between Tarzan and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I had absolutely no control over this dog. After experiencing three broken fingers and a whiplash from his pulling on the lead, I sought help and went to a private trainer. Didn't work. I purchased a video program advertised on TV. Didn't help. (Two of my broken fingers came from that fiasco.) Then, I found Lynette. I thought I was signing up for dog training. What I really received was Dori training, and it worked. Jontoo loved the classes and eagerly joined in the lessons. He's still a crazy, fun-filled animal, but I now have a dog that I fully enjoy walking with. My husband and I (and Jontoo) are grateful to Lynette and her staff for their patience, knowledge and help."

--Dori Clark

Dear Lynette:

"As you know, we adopted George from the Humane Society in October of 2005. He was picked up as a stray and he was very afraid of people. After working with George on our own for several months we felt it was necessary to get professional assistance. We hired you for that help. Since working with you we have learned so much about dogs and George in particular. You have given us insight into "reading" some of his actions and moods. You have also offered suggestions as to how to best handle some situations that George must deal with on a regular basis. Within just a few weeks George was making progress that we had not been able to make with him on our own. Although he still remains somewhat guarded, he is coming out of his fearfulness and shyness. After several personal home visits and several visits with you at Valley View Canine LLC we were able to start him in an Obedience I class at VVC with other dogs and their owners. We feel he is doing well. At home he is not nearly as fidgety or uneasy as he used to be. He greets people at the door these days and is making an effort to get to know our friends. He is also more at ease walking in the neighborhood, playing in the park or visiting in someone else's home than I ever thought possible with the dog we started with. Dogs have been a part of my family life since I was very young, but you have taught me things I never knew about dogs. Your love for dogs has been evident in all you have done for George and continue to do. Your care and concern for all of us has helped bring George out of his fearfulness and given him some much needed confidence. Your training methods instill obedience with love and consistency. Upon personal observation and in the obedience class it is obvious that you are compassionate about dogs, very professional and dedicated to seeing that every dog and his or her owner(s) succeed. Although we consider you a friend, you are one of George's best friends and we are ever so grateful to you for the assistance in helping us with him! We wouldn't have been able to do it without YOU."

Dick and Ruth Burman

To: Valley View Canine LLC

"This is an overdue note to commend and thank everyone at Valley View for the training given to me and Sophie from the very beginning of Puppy Preschool through today when, I'm happy to say, I can now bring Sophie back to obedience classes. Last year, in December, Sophie sustained a leg injury that necessitated surgery and a prolonged period of confinement and recovery. I feel that had it not been for the basic obedience training we went through and the encouragement to crate train- which I did- the whole process would have been much more difficult. As it was, Sophie did extremely well and has made an excellent recovery due, in large part, to the fact that she was already familiar with her kennel and, and even in pain and with medication, she was co-operative with basic commands and went calmly and willingly on leash for her "potty" walks and immediately returned to her kennel. As she improved we worked hard to find toys and activities we could use to keep her occupied and engaged and we had placed her kennel in the main traffic area of our home so she still felt part of the family and could see and hear all that was going on. I can't emphasize enough how much I feel indebted to Valley View and its staff of trainers who exhibit such patience with the dogs AND their owners so to encourage us to have well behaved and trained pets. It makes all the difference in every circumstance. You all surely have our sincere thanks for having helped make a difficult time a bit easier."

Thanks to everyone,
Jean Parks and "Sophie"

"Thanks for the congrats (on Romeo's CGC Certification), but I need to tell you thank you! I appreciate all the advice, help, lessons, etc so much I can't even begin to tell you. I love my boy so much, he adds such joy to my life, and I know I wouldn't enjoy him as much without all of the guidance I receive at Valley View. I also am very much aware that I wouldn't remotely be the kind of owner a Pitbull needs without you and the knowledge you share, and I want Romeo to be a great ambassador for the breed."

Thanks for EVERYTHING,
Capriece Karpa & Romeo

"I have had the most wonderful results with Valley View Canine LLC. Lynette Alfano understands dogs so well. She is not the "dog whisperer", she is the "dog mom". I say that because she has taught me a very effective method of disciplining my aggessive Jack Russell Terrier that mimics the mother dog. Her training is personalized, affordable and it really works. "Ranger" came to her as a nervous, fearful boy who used dominance and aggression to take charge of his emotions. Rather than treat training him, or using sever methods, Lynette has shown me a way to take charge that is natural and praise oriented. I feel a lot of hope, and my aim is to have "Ranger" in one of the Fun & Agility classes soon."

Dorian Steinbrecher

Special Attention

A special story from one of our students

DeborahIn this picture of VVC student Deborah Vedder are her friend Eric and his dog Houston. This is our story, Eric and I wrote it together. Eric relates the events this way. My family has had Houston for 2 years, we call him Houie for short. He was rescued from southern Oregon from Golden Bond Rescue, my family and I adopted him from them. For the first 7 years of his life he was not treated well, he was chained up in a yard, received poor care and also was shot, he has a bullet in him today. I'm sure that somewhere in his heart he knew he wasn't going to be in those conditions forever. When my family and I adopted him we knew he was going to need lots of tender loving care, but just not how much. We all had to nurse him through heartworm, and he has had anxiety attacks dating back from since we got him. The T-shirt he is wearing in the picture helps calm him during these times. We just figured out that he has seizures, which he gets meds for and this has helped reduce the anxiety attacks. He is a very special dog. I feel honored to be a part of Eric's and Houston's life. Houston has made up for that first 7 years by leaps and bounds, as part of this family who really committed to him and went above and beyond what a lot of people would do. He gives nothing but love to them. He rolls over for belly rubs and you see then golden smile. He is not phased by Eric's power/motorized wheelchair or other equipment. Since he has 7 years of non-affection to make up for, he can never get to much petting or attention and oh those lovely belly rubs. He is indeed one special dog.

Deborah, Eric and Houie!!

Valley View Canine LLC's Celebrity

Timberline Lodge's Mascot Bruno!

Saint Bernard

Valley View Canine LLC has had the privilege over the past year of helping train the new Timberline Lodge Mascot, "BRUNO"!! Please click on their link for more info on Timberline Lodge

Community Events, Volunteer Activies & Fundraising


Teddy Bear Parade, Gresham, ORYellow Lab

Pitbull Terrier
Pitbull Terrier
Great Dane Agility



VVC's fundraiser to furnish all 10 Gresham Fire Engines with oxygen masks specifically designed for dogs & cats.

'Tana', Lauren, Lynette, and 'Thunder' presenting Gresham Fire with masks.

Mask in full use soon after placing them on the engines.


Other Community Events

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Coastal Farm and Ranch Halloween Costume contest
October 2007.

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Tana's First Place Costume in the Coastal Farm and Ranch contest -- October 2007

Dove Lewis

Dove Lewis Blood Donor Program

GSDCO Conformation Match

GSDCO Conformation Match

Dog Show

National Dog Show, Washington County Fairgrounds